Technology is the reason (almost) any idea can be turned into a thriving business. And technological literacy is what sets instantly successful entrepreneurs apart from those who struggle. No matter how good your sales strategies are, you need some tools in your arsenal to see them through. That’s why a startup tech stack is important for your business.

7 Important Startup Tech Stack Tools to Boost Sales Funnel Conversions | Wind Water Marketing

What Is a Startup Tech Stack? 

A startup tech stack is made up of all the “techy” tools that can help you operate your business (usually software) systems. For example, a B2B service brand can use a startup tech stack to run basically every aspect of their business.

Tech stacks might include tools like: social media schedulers, project management systems, CRMs, etc. Every tool that you use to run the day-to-day operations of your business is part of the stack!

The type of startup tech stack that will benefit you depends on the type of services you provide (although some tools will work for any and every business out there). 

It may be a lot to take in, but getting started with a tech stack isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

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7 Startup Tech Stack Tools to Boost Your Conversions 

Top-tier service providers rely on their ability to convert site browsers into paying clients. Needless to say, it pays to have the right startup tech stack in your bag of tricks. Check out seven valuable stack options to optimize your operations and land more business. 

Form Builder

No matter your service niche, there’s a good chance you utilize different documents. These might include client contracts, welcome forms, and informative pages on your business website. 

The purpose of a form builder tech stack is to simplify the way you throw together forms. With easy drag-and-drop features and interactive technologies, it’s the best way to share and gather information with your target audience.

Email Service Provider 

Rather than fishing through your client contacts and wasting countless hours constructing and delivering the perfect email messages, why not invest in an email service provider (ESP) who can do it for you? (And in way less time…)

An ESP is among the most valuable, if not necessary, startup tech stack tools because all businesses need to correspond with and market via email. Email service providers help you create specialized contact lists and send your messages to the masses with ease.

My preferred ESP is ActiveCampaign! Not only do they organize your emails, they mind your schedule and track data to make targeted marketing a breeze.

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Landing Page Builder 

Potential clients who find your brand on social media, via blog, or elsewhere on the Internet are directed to a landing page on your website. The page they “land” on gives them their first impression of your business! Make it a good one with a landing page builder.

There are some dedicated landing page builders out there such as LeadPages. But you can also create branded, intriguing, and functional landing pages right on your WordPress website! You’ll just need a page builder plugin such as Elementor. 

Whichever tool you decide on, having a landing page builder in your startup tech stack is a must! The idea is that visitors arrive at your website and don’t want to leave. Better landing pages mean higher conversion rates…and we all want those!

While you’re at it — don’t forget about optimizing your contact page and about page, too. 

Payment Processor 

The days of paying with cash are nearly gone (especially for Internet-based businesses) thanks to payment processors. Without this startup tech stack tool, clients would likely get turned off by lack of efficiency and do business elsewhere.

Payment processors make it possible for clients to pay with services via credit card, no matter how big or small your business is. I recommend for USA transactions and KIS Payments for Canadian transactions.

Contract Signing Software 

Contract signing software is an essential startup tech stack feature for successful business owners. Asking your paying clients to deal with contract signatures via snail mail or fax machine would be ludacris! (Imagine the reactions you’d get if you even asked.)

Contract software enables your clients to sign contracts online. For example, Honeybook is fast, safe and secure! You can dish your contracts out, collect signatures, and have them back to you in a jiff.

Project Management Software

Project management software is more reliable than a hired Chad. It never gets tired or careless when addressing your project details!

ClickUp is a fine example of project management software, providing assistance with:

  • Time management
  • Virus protection
  • Delegation monitoring
  • Collaboration
  • Project management

You’ll rest easier knowing all project details are resting in one sound location. And your clients will rest easier when they reap the benefits of hyper organization and efficiency.

Social Media Scheduler

You’re bound to a different response from social media features posted at 7:00 PM on a Friday versus 10:00 AM on a Wednesday. No matter your service niche, you want to carefully schedule your posts for optimal interaction. 

Later is an extremely helpful startup tech stack tool that enables you to publish information on different social media platforms. Your posts can all air at once or go up at staggered times if you wish. 

With so many options and a reliable piece of technology, you can waste less energy worrying about your social media presence.

How to Choose the Best Startup Tech Stack Tools for Your Business 

Deciding when or if you need a startup tech stack for any part of your business can happen in a few different ways. Sometimes, you just know internally when you need technological assistance to make things flow better. 

Other times, it may take some digging around to decide what you need. You can poll your clients on certain experiential components of your business. If you consistently get negative feedback about something like your payment processes or contract procedures, you know to research that sort of startup tech stack first.

You can also let your team weigh in. Remember, the whole point of having a professional team to rely on is to share room for innovative ideas. You teammates can shed light on the best technology for your business.

Every type of service business should leverage technology with the best startup tech stack they can get their hands on. While decisions are vast and needs are different depending on the type of services your business provides, technology is equally expansive… and can make your life a whole lot easier.

Implementing tech tools doesn’t have to be overwhelming for you—a fractional marketer or CMO can help you! Click here to find out how.

7 Important Startup Tech Stack Tools to Boost Sales Funnel Conversions | Wind Water Marketing