Running a business in the age of the Internet means that a whole lot of focus goes into your online presence. Undoubtedly, your home page, about page, FAQs page, or pages with images and endorsements have gotten the most love over the years. But what about your contact page?

While it may be tempting to just set it and forget, your contact page requires the same upkeep as the rest of your website. Read on about how to boost your business just by rethinking how clients and customers get in touch with you.

Is Your Contact Page Optimized for the Best Results? | Wind Water Marketing

What are the Elements of a Contact Page?

Your contact page shouldn’t only consist of your phone number and email address: this isn’t your high school graduation and you aren’t signing a yearbook, after all. You should be as thorough and user-friendly as possible on your contact page. 

On your contact page, make sure to include:

  • Where you are located
  • A phone number and email address
  • Your business title
  • A contact form with automated confirmation

Basically, you want to offer as much information as you can about getting in touch with your business without cluttering or complicating your presentation. Make yourself accessible with as few clicks as possible.

Why Should You Optimize Your Contact Page? 

Optimizing your contact page ultimately means drawing in more business. You don’t want clients to have the excuse of inefficiency or unsightliness to turn them away. 

Think of your contact page as an opportunity to tie in more keywords and maximize your searchability while also providing your visitors with everything that they need to reach you. Make your contact page work as hard for your website as every other page that you have poured your heart and soul into.

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Contact Page Optimization Checklist 

If you are ready to make the most of your contact page, you are in the right place. Read these important tips to perfect your contact page and take your business website to the next level.

Make Sure Your Contact Info is Consistent

If you haven’t taken the tour of your contact resources in a while, it is time. You need to Google your business and skip around to all of the places that your business name, phone number, and address exists. Make sure it is all up to date and attractive.

We’ve all had the misfortune of trying to reach a business with an old phone number or address and having to research the correct information at the worst possible time. You don’t want your business to be that business.

Update Your Copy to Include Keywords

Unlike the meat-and-potatoes pages of your website (the more informative ones) you don’t need your contact page to exhaust any specific keyword phrase or pop up during a broad Google search. Instead, you need to include keywords that give a quick snapshot of your business in hopes that you turn up on Google Maps.

Adding some short, descriptive text to your contact page also keeps it interesting and consistent with the rest of your website. This small attention to detail could be the difference between landing a new client or turning them away.

Add Images and Video Content

Speaking of attention to detail, rather than designing your contact page to be bland and full of words, spice it up with some pictures and video. Imagery not only looks more professional and appealing, it sells more.

Of course, keep the images and video messages in line with the page’s function. For example, a video greeting or quick tour of your facilities might register well with clients wanting to get in touch with you.

Use Internal Links Directing Customers to Your Resources

Improve the overall function and ranking of your website by roping in links to other informative internal pages. Links add an element of interest and complexity to an otherwise simple and disjointed webpage. 

For example, in explaining who you are and how to contact you on your contact page, you can casually mention your FAQs page for more information. Sneaking a  link like that onto your contacts page will get people moving around on your website. 

Link Directly to Your Social Media Pages

Linking to your social media accounts from your contact page is another way to improve your ranking and attract new business. Making your social media easy to access encourages your clients to discuss the great work that you do and address the areas where you can improve in the comments sections.

The interaction between your social media pages and your business website is essential! These days, your social media presence is just as likely or more likely to draw in business as your website alone. So you want people to visit your social accounts as often as possible.

Include a Map to Your Office or Headquarters

Maps work as another great visual for your contact page—again adding interest and information that your clients or customers can use to reach you. Sometimes a quick glance at a map works well to communicate exactly where you are in the world, whereas an address alone leaves room for confusion.

Not only that, removing yet another obstacle for your clients (figuring out how to get to you) communicates that your business is both considerate and capable. 

Test Your Page on Different Devices

This tip cannot be overlooked, as the world is full of different-sized screens. You must check out your contact page on different devices in order to ensure that all of your site visitors are getting the same easy experience, no matter how they are reaching you.

If you encounter some inconsistencies between devices, you should revisit the coding on your website or consult with a web pro to make sure that the problem is fixed as soon as possible.

You might not have realized the potential of your contact page, but now you have all the information necessary to make important changes to your site. Making the most of your contact page is a surefire way to boost your business.

Optimizing your contact page is so important, but it’s also something that you might want to offload from your plate. As an expert B2B marketer, I’m here to support you in making sure every area of your website is optimized for the best results. 

Is Your Contact Page Optimized for the Best Results? | Wind Water Marketing