B2B Marketing Services

Retainers and fractional CMO/ fractional marketing manager for ongoing services and custom projects.



Can’t afford to hire a senior marketer but need the expertise and guidance?  This service is designed for you.


  • Marketing plan/strategy development

  • Strategic content creation and promotion.

  • Website SEO and ongoing keyword research/implementation.

  • Campaign development, implementation, and measurement.

  • Social media management.

This service works to develop a deep relationship with the client so as to offer tailored solutions along with a path to completion and a successful outcome. Your on-call marketing team is available for a variety of tasks so that you can focus on the work only YOU can do.

Basic Service

This is our lowest package and involves a monthly comitment of $1.5K/month. Most clients who participate in this level use their hours for regularly occuring marketing tasks such as content promotion and website management.

Intermediate Level

This package is used by those consultancies that now require help completing consistent marketing efforts but also require help planning, launching, and managing small campaigns. This package starts at $2.5/month.

Advanced Level

The hours in this package are usually used for tasks such as custom projects, ongoing campaigns, email marketing, content promotion, content creation, and other more time-consuming and time-driven tasks. This package starts at $3.5K/month.

VIP Level

Our VIP clients usually require us to manage ongoing projects with more detailed reporting. Starting at $5K/month these clients may have additional team members to complete smaller marketing tasks as well.

Bringing in a senior marketer to help grow your business may be a difficult decision. Will it be worth it? How fast will you see results? What are the gains?

  • Become strategic in your marketing efforts
  • Base marketing decisions around facts and research – less on ‘gut’ feel
  • Improve existing content to prolong its life and support your content goals
  • Build out systems that work to make your workflows more efficient
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Set up your marketing for consistent growth
  • Build your business with a trustworthy partner

The long-term benefits of retaining a fractional marketing manager are big for a small consultancy. We do the heavy lifting such as research, content development, promotion, building out automations, and more. We do this through a flexible monthly retainer starting at $1.5K/month depending on the level of commitment you need.

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Carolyn laid out a path for Signal Hill Insights to generate meaningful content for our target customers, then a disciplined step-by-step game plan to turn those connections into hot prospects.

Jeff Vidler

Founder, President, Signal Hill Insights