You work hard. You deliver excellence. Your clients are happy. Your business grows. Providing proof at your skill levels and expertise can be difficult, but, prospects often require assurance to secure their business.

Proving your excellence can be done in a variety of ways. But here are a few to get you started:

Client logos

Presenting the logos of previous clients is a popular option. It can provide social proof to prospects that previous companies entrusted you with their business and you are proud of the work you completed for them. New businesses may have to wait until they have a minimum number of clients to display. Larger companies can rotate images or do quarterly updates on logos they choose to display.

Case studies

Case studies are a common part of many business websites. These can take a while to put together as a good case study includes measurements of success e.g. conversion rates. WindWater Marketing has written case studies for our clients and we always try to structure them with prospects in mind e.g. Problem/Solution, Before/After. After all, case studies are designed to demonstrate the impact of your work on the client’s business. However, not all businesses will be transparent with you about results or have the means (or knowledge) to track it. Case studies should be secured at the start of the contract so that any improvements can be documented and shared. In some instances, you may wish to offer a discount on your services in exchange for the case study.

Work samples

Work samples can be trickier, but some businesses benefit greatly from giving examples of what they do, especially if your work is complex or takes time to explain. Work samples differ from Case studies in that they don’t tell a story so much as they demonstrate your ability to use a software, piece of equipment or tool.


The power of a great testimonial can never be overvalued. But getting these testimonials can be a challenge as your clients may not be talented writers. TO help this process, we recommend the use of a brief questionnaire that ask specific questions to help tease out phrases of flattery. Questions like “What was it like working with abc Company?” “What impact did abc Company’s work have on your business?” will give you a good idea of what we mean.

Displaying this proof of excellence on your website, in your sales slide deck, your brochure or other places prospects find your content may give them the confidence to choose your small business over your competitors.

Carolyn Bergshoeff is founder of WindWater Marketing, a small business marketing firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Carolyn helps her clients prove their excellence by crafting case studies and gathering testimonials on their behalf. Visit or email for more information.