If you’ve ever experienced a lull acquiring new clients, the problem could be lurking in your client pool. You need some new lead generation tips! Even if you’ve coasted for a good while without second-guessing your current marketing strategies, it’s always a great idea to reassess your tools and search for ways to build better. You need a steady current of new leads to stay afloat!

6 Powerful Business Lead Generation Tips You Need to Know | Wind Water Marketing

What Is Lead Generation? 

You can’t rely on organic searches alone for new clients to find you—you have to go out and search for them, too! Lead generation is basically the process of finding potential clients and inviting them to work with you in the least invasive way possible. 

When searching for new leads, many businesses make the mistake of being too forward or presumptuous. This turns people off before they even get a chance to explore your brand! 

Subtlety is better. Think about your experiences with sales professionals in stores. Do you prefer them to be in-your-face, pushing their products on you? Of course not! Salespeople who ask if you’re interested from a considerate distance are far more likely to get business than those who approach too abruptly. 

The theory works just as well online. The foundation that comes before you use any lead generation tips is figuring out who needs your expertise. You have to find them… before they find someone else to get the job done.

Why Is Learning New Lead Generation Tips Important for Business? 

Lead generation is essential for your business because it guarantees a steady flow of clients. But there’s more to it than that. Check out three key reasons to stay on top of new lead generation tips you can implement in your business.

It Helps You Learn More About Your Clients 

The best lead generation tips will earn you the opportunity to get to know your clients on a deeper level. And it shows your potential clients that you’re not just after anyone with a pulse—your business is actually built to help those with very specific needs.

On the flip-side, the more you communicate with your clients, the more you’ll understand what they’re looking for in a service provider. This can help you tweak your services for future launches and further expand your client pool.

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Quality Lead Generation Boosts Your Revenue 

The more strategic you are with your business lead generation, the higher your chances of finding A+ client matches that will keep coming back for your services. 

For example, if you’re a research consultant for local Italian restaurants, you want to find new clients who are similar to your existing clients. This helps you build your niche and allows you more knowledge for that specific corner of the local market—earning you more referrals and more long-term contracts.

You might land projects with other types of restaurants every once in a while, but you’ll understand the numbers better and have better sourcing recommendations for your ideal clients.

You’ll Increase Your Brand Visibility

Whether you successfully land new clients or not, your lead generation strategies should help get the word out about who you are and what you stand for. Even if you go an entire day without coming in contact with an ideal client, you start a ripple effect with the other people you’ve spoken to.

It works like this: Sally tells Jenny. Jenny tells Joe. And Joe tells Murphy that you specialize in management consulting for mid-career painters. Murphy is looking for new representation and gets in touch right away!

6 Essential Lead Generation Tips

If you sense your lead generation isn’t on par, there are ways to improve. Use any or all of these six of these lead generation tips to improve your game and win over more of the right clients for your business.

Keep Your Messaging Consistent Across Platforms

Consistency shows integrity. So if the content across your website and social media accounts appear different, your potential clients will instantly be turned off.

It’s hard to build trust in a business that doesn’t have a developed voice. Click around your various platforms and profiles and ask yourself, “does this all sound and look the same?” And more importantly, “does it all represent the brand I’m trying to build?”

You’re more likely to attract new leads if your messaging is uniform wherever you turn up—on and off the Internet.

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Set Up a Referral Program 

Referral programs with perks inspire your existing clients to speak up about the good work you do. For example, you can set up a rewards system where any time one of your paying clients brings on a new client, they earn 20% back on the last month of their contract.

It’s a win-win-win! You get a new, fitted client (and the potential for a long-standing relationship). Your existing client gets money back, and your new client has the opportunity to work with you. 

Constantly Test Your Lead Copy 

This is among the most important lead generation tips to remember: just because your content is attracting new business now doesn’t mean it will be forever. A gradual decline in new leads is a sure sign that your copy needs updating.

Adjust your call-to-action (CTA) text regularly and utilize comparison tests (A-B tests) to gain more clarity on the types of marketing your ideal clients respond to. The market is constantly changing! It pays to stay on top of things.

Focus on Value in Your CTA

Think of your CTA copy as something that asserts your superiority over the competition in your area of expertise. You’re literally selling yourself (or your business) within that sentence or two… so don’t sell yourself short!

A weaker CTA might read: Sign up for our newsletter for more information about the XYZ brand.

A stronger CTA would read: Sign up for our FREE newsletter for the chance to win 25% off our services and EXCLUSIVE access to one-of-a-kind educational events and discounted service packages.

See the difference? A sense of urgency and excitement sweetens the deal. It never hurts to incentivize your CTA with money off or a risk-free approach. You want your clients to feel like they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by opting in.

Create Social Media Content to Nurture Leads 

Social media is an excellent place to practice lead generation tips. Get in the habit of including a link to your landing page directly from your social media posts, or in your bio.

Whether it be images, engaging text, or movie reels, your social media content can capture the attention of a variety of quality client candidates. Don’t make them search (or even linger) longer than they have to for your information. Have your website link readily available and easy to see.

Utilize SEO in Your Lead Generation Content 

Optimize your SEO to help quality clients find you. If you haven’t exercised search engine optimization recently, it isn’t terribly difficult to get on board.

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes to figure out what exact words or phrases they would type into their search engine to solve their problems. 

On the subject of lead generation tips, clients might search:

  • Lead generation tips
  • How to find business leads
  • Finding new clients
  • Expanding client pool

Try to include your chosen keyword phrase naturally, without oversaturating, for the best results!

Finding and implementing new lead generation tips can feel like a business in itself! But we’ve got you covered. Bookmark this page for the next time you need to tweak your lead generation strategies.

Don’t worry about learning lead generation tips and handling the process on your own! Book a discovery call now…I’m happy to help you build out lead generation strategies that work for your business needs! 

6 Powerful Business Lead Generation Tips You Need to Know | Wind Water Marketing