Setting up your Facebook page requires very little effort. In fact, completing these 5 easy steps is the very minim if your company is to have a Facebook page:

  1. Create a custom cover pic (851x315px). If you’re not a graphics person you can use Canva to create a branded image to use. Make sure to leave room in the bottom left corner for the profile pic. Images shouldn’t be blurry or stretched. And try to minimize text – images will engage your fans better. It’s a good idea to add details like your website URL to your cover photo. Simply click on the photo to open it in a separate screen and click on the link that says “add details”. Facebook marketing WindWater Marketing
  2. Add your Facebook page to your personal profile page. You’d be surprised how many people click through this way. You do this through your personal page under ‘About’. You should be able to select your company Facebook page from a dropdown. If your company name doesn’t drop down, you’ll need to reprogram the Facebook ID – here’s a useful article to help you with this.
  3. Create your custom Facebook name as part of your URL. It looks much better than a series of random letters and numbers, and more professional too. For example, mine is
  4. Add the Facebook icon or Like box on your website. Some visitors are more likely to connect through Facebook than an email opt-in. As such they may click the ‘Like’ button on your website to stay connected. It can also act as social proof on your website.
  5. Start posting 1-3 times per day. Your posts will stop showing to those that do not engage with them so you need to reach out often to engage. Be careful, if you reach out too often you’ll also lose fans. It may take a while to find that balance. Don’t stress – here are a few suggestions on what to post:
  • Snack-sized posts: easy to answer questions e.g. my favourite Monday morning activity is _______.
  • Sneak peak: Behind the scenes pics, ask for feedback on something.
  • Action ask: Click “like” if, Share this if.
  • Content: a blog post or article.

The hard part comes when you need to craft a strategy or campaigns that produce results. The above steps get you to the point where you are ready to attract hundreds if not thousands of people to your page. However, a Facebook strategy or social media strategy will help focus you on content type, frequency, tone and purpose. That’s where the real thought and effort go.

These are the very basics of setting up your Facebook page. From here you can begin to work on Facebook campaigns, which will push your Facebook marketing to the forefront.

Carolyn Bergshoeff is the founder of WindWater Marketing, a small business, b2b marketing firm based out of Toronto, Canada. Carolyn helps her clients start, grow and manage their social media accounts to help grow their business. For more information or to inquire please visit or email