Small B2B Marketing Roadmap

A map to help small consultancies know what to do and how to do their marketing.

  • Are you unsure where to get the most from your marketing budget?
  • Do you not know what is helping your business and what’s holding you back?
  • Are you tired of trying new marketing tactics only to get the same flat results?
  • If the above resonated with you, our Marketing Roadmap is what you need.

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The Small B2B Marketing Roadmap is a marketing plan and more.

It’s your ticket to a profitable 2021!

The impact of implementing a strategic plan is more customers, more income, and more profitability. What consultancy doesn’t want that?

Having a marketing plan that works with your consultancy will do a variety of things to grow your business and revenue:

  • Define your goals, target audience, and offerings
  • Ensure all marketing activities work towards a common goal
  • Know how to spend your marketing budget
  • Better track, assess and analyze what does and does not work
  • Base marketing decisions on data and not by ‘feel’
  • Choose the best marketing tools for your goals


With an investment of $1297, we examine past and current performance. We collect data. And we do deep research. Then we present a solid roadmap that will outline what to do (that is within your reality) that will get you there. It’s that simple.

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We build out and deliver your B2B Marketing Roadmap in four steps. And although these steps look simple, the first two steps are quite deep!

  1. Discovery
  2. Research
  3. Presentation
  4. Report/Plan

Building a business is hard work. We know how tough it can be to see things clearly when you’re right in the middle. This is why our Marketing Roadmap is so effective. We work closely with you to:

  • show you what is working in your current marketing

  • show you what can be improved upon and how

  • craft a plan that works with you and your business

  • get you to your goals faster

  • set your business up for on-going success

  • tweak existing systems and routines to maximize success

  • try new marketing tactics that integrate easily

The obvious benefits of the Small B2B Marketing Roadmap is the clarity on your marketing going forward. It removes the guess work so you don’t have to rely solely on ‘gut feel’ for what’s working – which is often wrong and can take businesses down a path that won’t help them achieve their goals.

“Our experience working with WindWater has been nothing short of a revelation. Even though we work in marketing ourselves, WindWater brought needed objectivity and specialized expertise to the process.”

Jeff Vidler

Founder, Signal Hill Insights

Want to find out more about our B2B Marketing Roadmap and what it can do for you?


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