Map your small business marketing in just a few short hours

and take control of where you spend your money, time and effort.


Your Marketing Roadmap


This free Roadmap will:

Find marketing focus for your unique business.

Feel confident around your decision on what kind of marketing to do and how it supports your growth goals.

Gain a better understanding with what to approach a marketing consultant.

This 14-page Marketing Roadmap takes you through each step to asses your marketing and choose the best path to support your small business growth.

Are you struggling to know where to spend your marketing budget to get the results you want and need?

Do you feel insecure in discussing your marketing choices to in-house or outsourced people?

Would you like to begin marketing discussions with agencies by already having a clear picture of what you need for your business?

Are you trying out different types of marketing to see what works but you don’t know what you’re looking for?

Do you feel like you’re too small to have a marketing budget?


The Marketing Roadmap helped me see through all the fog of marketing trends and showed me how to find the best path based on my own business needs.  Downloading this was such a good decision!

Eddy Sword

Founder, ARC Learning

Now, you could outsource, hire a consultant for some serious $$

(and guess what, you STILL might not get your desired results!)

Or you can do the high level work yourself and go into those meetings with ideas and direction. 

Hi, I’m Carolyn.

I’m a marketing consultant, founder of Windwater Marketing, and a bunch of other things totally unrelated to my day job e.g. mom, art fan, and craft beer lover.

I’ve been in marketing for 20+ years (and loving it) and running my own business since 2015 (best thing I ever did). I know, and totally understand, the struggle of balancing all the little details in running a business and marketing it. And choosing a place to start is the #1 obstacle from every client I’ve ever worked with.


Some advice? Take the short cut and use the Marketing Roadmap to learn where to start. Make it easier on yourself so you can concentrate on all the other pieces in your life that need your attention!

Imagine if…

You no longer stress about choosing the best marketing path for your small business.

You instead sit back and intelligently work the tactics that support your goals.

You free up loads of your time where before you would scour the internet for tricks and inspiration, but now you have direction, confidence, and a roadmap!