Content Blueprint & B2B Lead Generation

Content is only king if backed by strategy.

Increase your reach and generate more opt-ins with content that resonates with your potential clients in an integrated lead generation experience.

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Generating leads through a marketing funnel is an effective way of maximizing your time . By attracting more b2b decision makers to your content you have the opportunity to engage and continue to market on a more personal level. We do this by working in two key areas:

B2B Lead Generation

Working with you, we will build a seamless content funnel that supports your content marketing goals. We can create the marketing funnel from content creation and webform to automation and email content and sequence.  We can also help with opt-in content and keyword research. It’s also an excellent way to build an email list and engage with early prospects and we’ll make sure you’re set-up with everything you need to get going.

Content Blueprint

Our unique Content Blueprint service combines with a content audit to build and implement a content strategy that utilizes existing content, on-page SEO, and targeted keywords. The deliverable is an effective plan for future content creation and a stack of existing content that works. We work with you to make sure your content becomes an effective lead generator for your business through organic SEO. Having a strategy means never struggling with content topics again!

Carolyn laid out a path for Signal Hill Insights to generate meaningful content for our target customers, then a disciplined step-by-step gameplan to turn those connections into hot prospects.

Jeff Vidler

Founder/President, Signal Hill Insights

Professional Services Marketing Help

It can de a herculean task to successfully build and launch a b2b funnel. Prospective clients are not lining up to download the latest ‘freebie’ let alone receive an email from a virtually unknown brand. But despite the aforementioned, this shouldn’t stop you!

B2b marketing funnels need to have a sharp strategy and incredibly useful content. When these work together, you will begin to attract your ideal prospects and your content will keep them engaged and keen to hear more from you. We help on all these fronts to ensure you succeed.

Maybe you have a marketing funnel already set up but it’s not performing? Maybe you’re ready to launch but don’t know where to start? Maybe you need guidance on the content promotion strategy? We specialize in helping b2b companies and professional services firms attract qualified leads and grow their business through lead generation strategy, digital marketing, and content marketing. Book a call and find out how we can help your business.


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