Your Content Blueprint

An inbound marketing overhaul for busy B2B consultancies.

Are you a consultant drowning in content?

Are you mindlessly creating new content every week?

Is your content not paying off?


Our Content Blueprint can help you get off the hamster wheel of content creation!


This is a unique service for those b2b consultancies that have invested in content creation but aren’t seeing the return they want. Specifically, this service is made for you if:


  • You write a blog every week because you believe in the power of content but you’re not seeing the results.

  • You aren’t sure what effect your content has on the success and growth of your business.

  • You believe something is better than nothing.

  • You only create content to fill the top of your funnel.

  • You believe in the ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy.

This is a service that is heavy on research to get you the results you need for a spike in page rank, inbound marketing, and opt-ins. Each consultancy is unique and is delivered a highly-customized plan. However, our typical process is segmented into the following four stages:

Audience Research

The first step is discovering and validating your target audience pains and gains. We look at what keeps your ideal customer up at night and how your services fit into that solution.


Content Audit

We look at your current content and build a system to help track your content purpose. We also look at missing content or content gaps and how they could be used or added.


Research & SEO

We research and assess current and desired page rank for search terms connected to your business, offer, and target audience.

Blueprint & Plan

Based on the first three steps, we draft a detailed, custom report that offers edits and solutions to improve your current content as well as a custom blueprint for content creation moving forward. 

Your Content Blueprint is a process that looks at your business goals, target audience, keywords, on-page SEO, content design and a lot more. Your gains?


  • Attract more consulting leads through your content

  • Convert more prospects to clients from your content leads

  • Improve existing content to prolong its life and support your content goals

  • A living document that will continue to guide you in your content creation

  • Increase organic SEO for every post/page you create

  • Potentially build a list with your ideal audience

  • A done-for-you content system unique to your consultancy

The long-term benefits of the Content Blueprint are big for a small consultancy. We do the research, the data entry, the strategy, and the report. We also include a short training to go through the results so you can continue your content creation – but in a way that also creates success. We do this for an investment of $7.5K.

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Carolyn laid out a path for Signal Hill Insights to generate meaningful content for our target customers, then a disciplined step-by-step gameplan to turn those connections into hot prospects.

Jeff Vidler

Founder, President, Signal Hill Insights