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Website marketing is a Marketing System when everything on your b2b website works towards achieving your business goals. It’s when your content flows and emphasizes your Calls-to-Action. It’s when your lists grow and leads reach out. It’s when imagery and language support your brand in an effective and engaging way. It’s when automations are invisible and genuine. And it’s when you work with WindWater Marketing on building your website.

We work in Website Marketing and we work to build you a professional website that grows your professional services business.


Branding Discovery

Whether your brand is is it’s infancy or established for several years, a brand discovery can uncover shifting elements and bring everything into alignment. Key to website marketing, this 2-hour workshop helps uncover preferences and results in a one-page style sheet to help keep your brand on point. This is a necessary step in any website design project and can inform content marketing.

Website Form & Function

What do you need your website to do? Whether it’s submit a form, book a call, educate prospects, make a sale or all of the above WindWater Marketing will build a b2b website that supports your business goals and reflects your brand. Yes, the visuals, font, and copy all play a role but what really matters is the path your prospects take to becoming a client. Website marketing is an ecosystem afterall.


Website Marketing Copy & Content

We draft and edit website content that uses researched keywords and effective messaging. We balance SEO with engagement and education/knowledge to not only get your pages found and ranked, but also engaged with by using creative opt-ins and funnels. We can do as much or as little of the process as you need including email writing, automation sequences, newsletter templates, and more.

Carolyn has helped me with every factor of my website. From platform and payment system to product photography, website copy and product descriptions. She was fast, creative, professional, and a lot of fun to work with!  I’d recommend WindWater Marketing to anyone looking for a trustworthy marketing partner!

Kristi Primerano

Founder, Kalm-Balm

Windwater helped us transform the check-the-box website that we were embarrassed to share with our clients when we were Audience Insights Inc. into the proud palace we have for our content as Signal Hill Insights.

Jeff Vidler

Founder, CEO, Signal Hill Insights

Website marketing is more than a marketing strategy

Building out a service-based website that functions as an ecosystem involves many moving pieces. Each piece on its own may not amount to much but when they work altogether they create a well-oiled, lead generation machine.

SEO or search engine optimization helps in driving traffic to specific pages or blog posts.  Knowing what keywords to optimize for is key to driving organic traffic to your website. Knowing how to balance design and SEO is also important because once a potential customer lands on your page it’s both the content and the design that keep them there. Side note: Blog posts and website pages are two different entities and should be treated as such.

Creating new content to fill gaps in your SEO is a great way to build effective new content that functions as part of the website ecosystem. It’s also a wonderful way to increase opportunities for opt-in content.

Building an email list is high on the list of priorities for any small business. And making sure that your email addresses all belong to interested, potential customers is the goal of all marketers. This depends on both the content that got them there as well as the on-going content you send them via email. This is the part of the website ecosystem that nobody sees but adds huge dollars if you can transition these prospects into customers and advocates.

Looking at the user journey and the overall structure of the website is critically vital to a successfully marketed website. How are they finding your website? Is your most compelling content burried or difficult to find? Is it easy for prospects to understand what you sell and how it helps them?

Making sure the site can be crawled by serach engines and that there are no obstacles on page loading or other technical errors are also important. Can you take advantage of snippets and schema markups? Do you have or can you build backlinks?

Not to be forgotten is social media marketing and that it’s really an extension and magnification of specific parts of what makes you different and valued.


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