Need help communicating your value to prospects?

Are you attracting the wrong prospects? Or maybe you’re just not attracting enough of the ‘right’ ones? 

A Value Proposition Statement, or VPS, that resonates with your prospects will make them feel you understand them and understand what they need. This in turn builds a connection and fosters trust. Something that can be difficult to build in today’s market! It brings you THAT much closer to a sale before they even reach out.

The VPS guide includes:

  • Persona information and checklist so that you have a strong understanding of what you need.
  • VPS mad libs so that you get those creative juices flowing.
  • Branding voice exercise so that your new VPS sounds like YOU.
  • Examples from popular brands so that you have clear examples to motivate and inspire.
  • And more!

Download our free Value Proposition Statement (VPS) guide and learn the easy, actionable steps that will allow you to attract the type of work and clients you dream about.

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