In just 30 minutes find your best…

content keywords

 so you can connect with your ideal audience, get qualified leads, and increase sales!


content keyword research workshop

For $9 you can throw away those scribbled notes and random ‘how-to’ blog posts and instead get ready for a simple system that delivers results (and real-world keywords). All so you can reach your audience, build your brand, and get qualified leads.

I make it easy with 30 minutes of LIVE planning and actual research into your keywords. I show you where to go, what to do and how it all fits together.

You’ll walk away with a complete system, solid resources, and a nice list keywords to use immediately!

Your marketing is only as good as your message!

So, you’ve written blogs, posted on Instagram, and even built a funnel or two. Maybe you even ran an ad!

These are all great things to do to grow your business. However, the success of each one relies on the words you use to attract and resonate with your prospects. If you’re not using the right keywords in your marketing, nothing you do will get you the results you want. And it can be exhausting (and super time-consuming) investing in content, ads, and other marketing to not see any results!

In fact, it can be tempting to just give up or resign yourself into believing that what you offer isn’t actually wanted. You’ve probably spent late nights and even weekends trying to decide if you should throw in the towel or just outsource the whole thing.

content keyword research

Carolyn’s guidance around writing has helped take some stress out of promoting my business. She helped me plan and write all sorts of things for my business – from social posts to product descriptions to emails. I never would have thought to research this kind of stuff on my own and I feel so much more confident now when I sit down to create something.

Kristi P.

Business Owner

Now, you could outsource, hire a team of copywriters, virtual assistants for some serious $$

(and guess what, you STILL might not get your desired results! Or you may see results but you’ll have to keep going back to repeat those results.)

Or you can finally decide to sit down and do a little research on what’s resonating with your ideal client. 

You just want someone to tell you where to go, what to look for, how to do it, and what this all means for your business.

Well, good news! That’s why I created the

content keyword research workshop



A 30 minute workshop that provides all the guidance you need to find the words and phrases that will work like magic for your business.

Keyword research guide



Never stress about how to find your keywords again! You’ll be provided with documentation for every step of the way as we dig in together and find those keywords.


Never fear, a checklist is here! This is to remind you of all the steps that add up and make a difference in your research. Keep it handy as you keep your keywords up-to-date and relevant for your business.


Get the Content Keywords Research Resource to guide you through the list of resources. Some we will look at in the workshop but others will be yours to explore at your own pace!


PSST! Mix and match the resources until you find a mix that delivers the keywords that work best for your audience!

I’m a small business marketing consultant, founder of WindWater Marketing, and a lover of all things colourful (seriously, you should see my house).

I’ve been in marketing since 2000 (and loving it) and running my own business since 2015 (best thing I ever did). I know, and totally understand, the struggle of finding prospects that want and need what you offer. It took years for me to find a system that worked on repeat. Something that could consistently deliver strong results in marketing.


Since then, I’ve tested, and tweaked on my own business and also help my clients do this.

Some advice? Take the short cut and join me for the Content Keyword Research Workshop! Knowing how to do this for yourself is a game-changer (and business-changer)!

Carolyn brings two things together: a deep understanding of all things marketing and a firm, but friendly hand to help us put that learning into action. She laid out a path for Signal Hill Insights to generate meaningful content for our target customers, then a disciplined step-by-step gameplan to turn those connections into hot prospects.

Jeff Vidler

Founder, Signal Hill Insights

Imagine if…

You no longer stress about crafting content that ranks well.

You instead sit back, watch qualified traffic go to your content and you spend your time responding to genuine replies and inquiries.

You spend your time making the sales you always knew you could!