SEO and email marketing are individually two of the most powerful marketing techniques to take advantage of in your business. But did you know that you can actually integrate the two for even more powerful results? 

Inbound marketing relies on a lot of different strategies. Integrating those strategies helps you leverage the unique power of each for even better results! 

The idea of integrating SEO and email marketing probably sounds a little complicated. But don’t worry—it’s easier than you might think (and luckily, it’s also a really great thing to outsource). 

How To Successfully Integrate SEO and Email Marketing For Incredible Results | Wind Water Marketing

Why Would You Want To Integrate Your SEO and Email Marketing? 

You can really amplify the impacts of SEO and email marketing when you help them work together. To do this, you’ll basically drive traffic to your website using email content, and then drive subscribers to your email list with the content and value on your website. 

Email marketing doesn’t inherently benefit SEO. But it does influence it in a lot of ways, and taking the right steps can help you improve BOTH! 

You’ll Boost Your Link-Building For SEO

With email marketing, you can focus on link building, which is incredible for SEO. Since you can link to blog content in your emails, you’re establishing authority.

This increases your website’s credibility and value in the eyes of search engines, which really helps you grow. 

Email Boosts Engagement, Which Benefits SEO

Email is also super engaging. If someone takes the time to open your email, read through it, and then also click over to your website, they’re really interested in what you have to say. Having that type of engaged visitor is amazing because they tend to stick around, look at other posts, and even check out your services or products. 

Sharing blog content in email newsletters not only is a link-building strategy, but also lets your email subscribers know that you’re here to serve them and provide value. 

Especially when the visitors to your website from your email list are often more engaged, they help boost your ranking in search engines altogether. Google loves to see engagement, and your email list is a great way to drive that up. 

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You’ll Drive More Traffic To Your Website

And of course, if you’re spending time creating content for your website that’s SEO-driven, you’re going to want as many eyes on it as possible. That’s where your email newsletter can come in really handy. 

You’ll get more eyes on your posts, increase website traffic, and even start to nurture relationships with your subscribers by providing valuable content. 

How To Start Integrating Your SEO and Email Marketing

Clearly, integrating your SEO and email marketing is a really good idea. It’s a great way to revitalize your marketing strategy and amplify what’s already being created for even better results. 

So how do you do it? These five steps will help you start connecting SEO and email marketing for your business. 

Focus On Linkbuilding Content In Your Emails

Link building is super powerful from an SEO standpoint. That’s why it’s essential to consistently link back to your content throughout your emails! 

Email marketing offers you an opportunity to really educate your prospects about your business by providing value. Sharing really valuable content from your website helps establish your credibility and increases your chances of showing up in search engine results over time. And with organic traffic, you’ll start to see more qualified leads long-term! 

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Make Sure To Optimize Your Landing Pages For SEO

When we think about SEO, many of us really only consider blog posts. But optimizing your landing pages for SEO is a really great way to maximize the combination of SEO and email marketing. 

Make sure that you write really amazing, optimized page titles for your landing pages. Customize your URLs for SEO, and write optimized, keyword-driven, and compelling copy. That way, you’ll show up in search and maximize the experience for any visitors who land on your website. 

Add email opt-ins throughout your website, too—not just on your home page! 

Create Shareable Content

If the emails you send out contain links to your website content, and that content is highly shareable, your subscribers may share or forward the email. That means even more potential clients’ eyes will land on your website and content! 

Shareable content is often packed with tips and super tailored to your target audience. Keep those things in mind as you plan your SEO and email marketing topics and strategy each month. 

Write Emails Based On Topics That Will Generate Quality Leads

Speaking of choosing topics, how will you tailor your emails to actually generate leads and nurture your audience? 

Use your data to evaluate things like clickthrough and open rate. These metrics tell you how you’re doing with different parts of the process, like your calls-to-action and subject lines. 

Think about what SEO keywords are performing best for you, too. Over time, you can repurpose low-performing and high-performing keywords into email content that links to your website. This is one of the best ways to leverage SEO and email marketing long-term. 

Consider Creating An Archive Of Your Newsletters

One strategy to improve your SEO and email marketing amplification is to create an archive on your website with your past newsletters. This helps establish your credibility with prospective clients, and it offers another opportunity for you to implement link-building

You’ll be able to link to past newsletters in new emails and even in blog content on your website. 

Integrating SEO and email marketing helps you amplify the results of each strategy. As two of the most powerful tools in your marketing repertoire, it’s worth making these small, strategic integrations for even better results. 

Want to integrate SEO and email marketing, but overwhelmed by where to start? I’m here to support you! Get in touch and let’s uplevel your marketing strategy now. 

How To Successfully Integrate SEO and Email Marketing For Incredible Results | Wind Water Marketing