Businesses that know how to navigate the vast obstacles of the Internet are able to market their services to the exact right audiences with ease. As a B2B business in Canada, you hope to connect with local businesses in need of your services. But how? There are so many places to get lost online!

Turns out there are several key marketing strategies to help you weed through the muck and reach your target audience to boost your B2B Canada business. 

5 Powerful Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies in Canada | Wind Water Marketing

Why Is it Important to Market to Other B2B Businesses in Canada?

It’s essential to connect with other B2B businesses in Canada—they could be some of your best clients and even collaborators! And the connections you make could mean longer, more lucrative relationships to boost your overall business health. Check it out!

People Like Supporting Hometown Brands

If you can reach fellow Canadian brands, you’re likely to enjoy greater, more genuine support! Other B2B businesses in Canada are likely to share similar values, which makes for a stronger business bond.

Not to mention, neighboring Canadian brands serve similar populations of people, which inspires a more focused work ethic and the desire to succeed. It’s worth the effort to find businesses that share more in common with you.

It Helps You Stand Out Amongst Tight Competition 

As a service provider, it’s easy to get drowned out by your competitors from other locations. Remote B2B services make all business connections possible (but not necessarily ideal). 

Make your Canadian roots part of your marketing strategy to highlight more of what you have in common with other businesses near you. Wave your “B2B Canada” flag to stand apart from more distanced brands.

You’ll Identify Opportunities to Improve or Expand Your Services 

Interacting with other B2B businesses in Canada does more than boost your revenue… it teaches you more specific things about your local Canadian market to improve your approach with clients. 

The more time you spend swimming in a specific client pool, the more niched your business becomes. Niching down in Canada has infinite pros, as you (a Canadian business owner) already have a strong foundational knowledge of the client base you’re targeting.

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5 Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies in Canada

There are a handful (five, to be exact!) of strategies that work well for finding local Canadian businesses in need of your unique services. Implement them now to boost your B2B business in Canada.

Partner with Canadian Influencers in Your Industry

Influencers with an abundant social media presence and specific following in Canada can be used to leverage your brand marketing efforts. Pick out people who are relevant to your industry and ask if they’re willing to endorse your business on their social media platforms.

The result? Thousands of new B2B Canada businesses will catch on to who you are and what you represent. Even influencers with only a couple hundred more followers than you can share their spotlight so you gain an introduction to every member of their audience.

Pro tip: some influencers will help you for free. But most will expect payment. The juice is worth the squeeze for the right person!

Join Professional B2B Groups Across Canada

Social media is a wonderful way to gain entrance into specialized groups—where people share similar interests and needs, and discuss them open-forum. It’s the perfect way to join in market-relevant conversations and name-drop your brand when appropriate.

For example, explore Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram for “B2B Canada” groups in your field. You’ll find a host of members that share your Canadian pride and have a need for your unique, branded services.

Start a Local Referral Program 

Make survey “mile markers” an established part of your business model. At different times in your service processes, offer your clients the opportunity to provide feedback on their experiences with your company. If their feedback is largely positive, offer incentives for their referrals!

An incentive program might offer 25% off for referral clients and 10% off for new, referred clients for an established period of time. This type of offer helps motivate your happy clients to spread the word when they might not think otherwise.

Apply for Canadian Business Awards

Odds are, B2B awards in Canada have crossed your mind before. (Who doesn’t want to win recognition for the work they do, right?) Carefully think about which awards you’d like to win and which you feel you stand a good chance of winning. And get to work!

Awards come with an elevated level of recognition and open doors to a whole new population of Canadian clients. If you don’t win anything straight out of the gate, remember repetition is your ticket to success. Apply each round and keep at it until you get the win you deserve!

Highlight Your Local Clients on Social Media

Nothing says “we do great work” quite like the people who already work with and appreciate you. Leverage your existing B2B relationships in Canada to advertise to others like them. Most B2B brands will appreciate the opportunity to discuss who they are, as you simultaneously promote your own services.

This is a scaffolded approach. Viewers might not recognize your brand at first glance. But if they recognize your client’s brand, they’ll be inclined to watch and learn more about you. In a few simple, precise moves, you’ll have multiplied your client pool significantly!

No matter how successful you’ve been with your targeted B2B Canada marketing efforts in the past, it helps to adjust your lens and focus on new strategies. Try these simple tips to welcome new Canadian businesses owners to your client pool. 
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5 Powerful Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies in Canada | Wind Water Marketing