Attracting + Targeting

Your ideal audience

Ideal training for B2B & service-based businesses that aren’t seeing traction in their current marketing efforts.

You know you should be targeting a specific audience but how? And what does it mean to ‘target your ideal audience’?

Join me for an hour and learn how a little audience research goes a long way.

Focusing your message on your ideal audiencce not only attracts more of the type of clients you want, but it also reduces your sales cycle (time it takes to purchase).

August 11th at 11am or August 17th at 4pm ET

b2b research consulting

We will cover everything you need to know about targeting your ideal client.


  • How to define your target audience
  • 3 super-effective ways to gather insights around your ideal client
  • 5 business-changing ways to use those insights in your marketing
  • Your next best move to START growing your business

Think by targeting you’re turning others away?

Nope. Targeting your messaging and your marketing is the fastest path to growth. You’re not saying you won’t work with people outside your ideal, but wouldn’t you rather have ten ideal clients instead of 3 ideal and 7 that sort of fit? Afterall, you can only work with so many clients.

Learn how to magnitize your marketing and start attracting the clients you want – and that want you!

Carolyn Bergshoeff

Carolyn Bergshoeff

Founder, WindWater Marketing

I’ve been in marketing for over 25 years now. And even though I have a degree and post graduate studies in marketing, the best education I’ve had is starting my own business. It can be soul-crushing, awe-inspiring and uplifting – all in one day!

Learning how to market myself and WindWater Marketing was something that took me a while to figure out (it’s hard when it’s your own biz).  So, I understand the hesitancy and fear in your marketing. Making changes in your message can have a big impact on your business, but it can be difficult to figure this out on your own.

Try it with me!