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Are you overwhelmed at the thought of a marketing plan? At a loss for where to start? Or maybe the plans you make never really impact what you actually do?

Join me for an hour and learn the 5-step framework to finally feel in control of your marketing .

Leave the overwhelm behind and learn how to make those pieces fit together in a way that not only makes sense, but is also 100% doable for you. Having a plan helps get all your pieces moving in the same direction so you grow faster and leave the dead weight behind.
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May 18th, 11am ET

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We will cover everything you need to carve a marketing plan – that works for you.


I’ll send you a booklet to fill-out alongside me in the webinar as we go through the following:


  • The 3 biggest mistakes to avoid in your plan
  • Why many marketing plans fail (and this one won’t)
  • My 5-step framework for building a plan that works
  • Your next best move to START growing your business

Think you’re doing fine without a plan?

Having a plan that works for you will not only grow your business but also grow your revenue. You’ll know where to spend your budget. And you’ll better track, respond to, and assess your marketing efforts going forward. And as much as you think your marketing is working for you right now, it will only get better with a plan.

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Take the fear, overwhelm and boredom out of the planning and do it along-side me in this interactive webinar.

Carolyn Bergshoeff

Carolyn Bergshoeff

Founder, WindWater Marketing

I’ve been in marketing for over 20 years now. And even though I have a degree and post graduate studies in marketing, the best education I’ve had is starting my own business. It can be soul-crushing, awe-inspiring and uplifting – all in one day!

Learning how to market myself and WindWater Marketing was something that took me a while to figure out. Mostly because I just didn’t put the time in to do it right but also because it was just plain hard to do. So, I understand the hesitancy and fear in planning on your own. It took me years to build out my 5-step framework, but it works well and can really help take the pressure off.

Give it a try! Join me and we’ll do it together.