Case Study


UGO Impact offers transformational 3-month coaching programs that include a volunteer experience abroad.


UGO Impact needed a website that engaged and educated visitors.

UGO Impact engaged WindWater Marketing for the following pieces:

  • Messaging
  • Website Design/Build
  • Content Strategy & Implementation


Combining succinct messaging and striking visuals to make an impact.


UGO Impact needed a website that reflected their uniqueness but was also user-friendly and would allow a good amount of flexibility as they grew.

The key here was all about the programs they run. It was important that the information be easy to find and understand as well as allow easy access to channels of inquirey.

It was also important to avoid stock imagery and to personalize the website as much as possible.


UGO chose a responsive theme that had a balance of information and visual interest. The on-going projects are displayed in a visual mosaic on the home page with hover details.

We added in a custom application process, original videos and program photography, and opt-in opportunities for building an email list of interested visitors. Marketing automation was also added.

The second stage was to build out an evergreen content funnel that would be able to share timely information around UGO Impact programs using automation.


“Carolyn was incredibly helpful in presenting solutions that not only worked beautifully but also reflected our new brand.”

Nicole Hrinco, Co-Founder, UGO Impact